Tips To Save Cost Of Packaging Stretch Film

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Tips To Save Cost Of Packaging Stretch Film

Stretch Film also known as Plastic Wrap is an elastic and highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around goods. It is also this elastic recovery that keeps goods tightly bound and protected. As demands for increased throughput rises, it is particularly important that the cartons stay on the pallet.

When used with pallets, Stretch Film can have several functions:-

  • Increased handling and storage efficiency of unit loads
  • Improving stability of products or packages to form unit loads
  • Reduce the risks of package pilferage and tamper resistance
  • Moisture and dust protection

There are different types of Stretch Film available such as Mini Rolls, Hand Rolls, Machine Rolls, Color Stretch Film & so on.



Mini Roll / Baby Roll Stretch Film

Mini or Baby Stretch Film binds your products together without sticking to them.

It’s easy to remove and it will not damage your products.

Commonly used for Wire, Pipes, mirror or glass manufacturers and converters, stationary, DIY, home décor and general usage.



Hand / Manual Stretch Film

Hand or Manual stretch film is considered any stretch film roll that is easily applied by hand. Hand roll stretch film can be applied with or without a stretch film dispenser.

The stretch film dispensers often have a braking system to help obtain a tighter stretch when applying the film.

Hand Roll Stretch Film mainly used in palletizing, bundling of huge or small parcels, luggage, glasses or fragile items, cartons and various application such as Logistic, Warehousing, Factory, Airport & etc.



Machine Roll Stretch Film

Machine roll Stretch Film requires a specific Palletizer wrapping machine to complete the job, with minimum work force involved and help reduce waste and increase efficiency. Machine stretch film will also help all loads to be consistently wrapped with the same tension. This helps to improve load security. A heavier film will be loaded to the wrapping machine turn table and pre-set to a perfect finishing.



Color Stretch Film

Color stretch film is a great option for a variety of load shipments. There have multiple reasons to use colored stretch film. Some use for conceal product loads. Having multiple colors to wrap multiple product loads enable quick and easy identification when wrapping.




1) Is “shrink film” the same as “stretch film“?

The answer is No!

People in the industry will know what you mean contextually if you say ‘shrink film‘? But in industry speak that’s actually a specific term for a different kind of plastic – the sort that you might find wrapped around a candle or instant cup noodle. Shrink film is sealed around a retail package and then passed through a heat tunnel which triggers chemical behavior that causes the film to collapse around the package.

2) The heavier film, film length will be longer & can wrap more?

The answer is wrong!

We can’t determine film length or price base on film gross weight. The length will be difference base on film micron and also according the weight of paper core used. The core heavier, the film will be lesser. We suggest check with supplier the net film weight.

3) How to determine stretch film length per roll?

First, we need to find out the net film weight

The formula is Gross Weight – Core weight = to net film weight

The formula to determine stretch film length is

Net Film Weight ÷ Film Width ÷ film thickness ÷ 0.912 (Density g/cm3)

Example: The Net film weight is 2kg, Film width is 0.5 meter, and thickness is 23 micron

2kg ÷ 0.5m ÷ 0.023m ÷ 0.912

The film length per roll = 191 meter


4) How to save money on stretch film costs?

Companies wrapping multiple pallets per day or week can often spend a small fortune on stretch wrap costs throughout the year. In many instances, companies have opportunities to save money by doing a couple things: Purchasing in down gauging or change to Pre-stretch stretch film. Let’s look at these options and how they can potentially save your business thousands in costs throughout the year.

By down gauging companies can save a tremendous amount of money per pallet. In the chart below we take the same films at pallet pricing (60 rolls) to see the cost per wrapped pallet. **All stretch film prices as at Sep 2017**

Pallet dimension is 1.2m X 1.2m X 1.65m (H)

There are 3 type of thickness with same stretch film weight 10kg

23 micron stretch film 1 roll can wrapped 15.5 pallets & cost per pallet is RM5. 24

17 micron stretch film 1 roll can wrapped 21 pallets & cost per pallet is RM3.92

12 micron stretch film 1 roll can wrapped 30 pallets & cost per pallet is RM2.93



Pre-Stretch Film

Using Pre-stretching film can saves money because of its long stability, strong physical energy. Pre-stretching film is usually applied on items with a very little force due to their elastic range. .

The unique and smooth consistency of the film makes it the best and ideal wrapping material.

Another quality to be noted is its tendency to tighten and protect the items, which is found more in the pre stretched film, rather than the traditional wrap.

Common pre-stretch percentages range from 150-300% (Which are typically determined by a set of gears in a wrappers pre-stretch carriage). That means that every meter of film coming off a roll represents 2.5 to 4 meter of film on the load.

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