How To Choose The Right Corrugated Box?


How To Choose The Right Corrugated Box?

Corrugated boxes are one of the most popular types of packaging materials around. They are by far the most widely chosen material for packaging, storing and transporting. When choosing corrugated boxes, there are only 3 questions to ask!

  1. Size / Corrugated Box Type?
  2. Content?
  3. Single, Double, and Tri-Wall Boxes?

Choose the Type of Boxes in the Correct Size

Depending on the type and number of items that you need to transport or store, you may need corrugated boxes in various sizes.

Check out the type of boxes available:

  1. RSC – Regular Slotted Carton   
  2. HSC – Half Slotted Carton        
  3. FOL – Full Over Lap Slotted Cart on 
  4. Die Cut Carton                             
  5. One Piece Folder Carton                   
  6. Pallet Carton                                  
  7. Pallet Carton with Cap and Sleeve  

When choosing the corrugated box size, take into account the volume that polystyrene fill chips, bubble wrap, air bags, and loose fills may occupy if you use them as cushioning for the products you ship.

Learning more about various types of corrugated boxes and their characteristics can help you make the right choice every time!

Shape and Weight of the Content

When buying corrugated boxes, you need to consider not only the sizes of the items you want to pack, but also their shapes as well. For example, if you want to transport a television, you will need a large corrugated box to fit the television’s shape. Measuring the item is important before making a purchase. The weight of the content is the next factor to consider. If you want to transport heavy items, you should purchase boxes made from sturdy corrugated material.

Single, Double, or Tri-Wall Boxes

Before making a purchase, decide if you want to use single, double, or tri-wall boxes!

Single-wall boxes: consist of an inner layer, outer layer, and fluting medium. They are a good choice for storing or transporting lightweight items that do not require extensive protection. It is by far the most used corrugated material. Being strong and durable enough for most packaging needs, it can be used as a shipping container or a retail packaging box.

Double-wall boxes: ideal choice for storing items for longer periods of time. They are popular with those who use the services of a courier or removal company on a regular basis. It is used generally when heavier items or glass items are shipped and need extra protection and strength that the single-wall box cannot offer.

Tri-wall boxes: the strongest types of corrugated boxes you can find in the market. Made from corrugated cardboard, these boxes are a good choice for transporting fragile or heavy items. They are less common but used in large bulk type boxes that are sometimes filled with granular products.

Of course, you may need some cushioning to prevent your items from moving inside the box.

The last type which is the single-face consists of a fluted material and a one-liner. This material is used mostly as inner packaging to wrap glass and provide cushioning for shipment.

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