Seriously? Bubble Wraps as Stress Relievers?


Seriously? Bubble Wraps as Stress Relievers?

Ever thought why people enjoy popping bubbles?

It’s not about the beats you create from the bubble bursting sounds, not the air pressure you feel from the air dissipating from its hemispheric base, it’s the calming effect you get from popping the bubbles that relieves you from that moment of anxiety, coiled-rattlesnake bowels, bundle of nerves reacting at the same time. Popping the bubbles helps you make better decisions and regain composure instantly. It’s addictive, mind you; but fortunately, not harmful to earthling.

Studies have shown that undergraduates who got to pop two sheets of Bubble Wrap felt at once calmer and more awake after they were done than before they’d started; they also reported higher levels of calmness and alertness than a group that was not granted popping privileges.

Robert E. Thayer, a psychologist who studied biological explanations for moods, speculates that it has to do with a very natural, human response to stress: freezing in your tracks. In real danger, when we’re forced to decide what action to take — better to fight back or flee? Or during a match point, when the ball is in your court — better to attempt that score now or later?  A similar thing might happen when people are nervous or stressed, and so it could be that little nervous motions like finger tapping, foot jiggling or some of us might think of, the fidget spinner — and of course, Bubble Wrap popping! — are ways of releasing that muscle tension, which helps reduce the feeling of stress.

Some benefits of bubble wrap:

  1. Reduce stress, stress therapy, motor skills

When you pop a bubble, you instantly feel calm. On top of that, it trains children who are still in development stage, by building finger strength and hand-eye coordination. Believe it or not, bubble wrap key chains are available on eBay!

  1. Protect the goods – packaging

When we buy new items from electronics stores or other stores, we often see our products being wrapped with bubble inside the box. Bubble wrap around the product reduces the impact with other hard surfaces so that it will not be damaged.

  1. Maintain food temperature & prolong life span of fruits

Bubble wrap can keep your food temperature cool or warm. This is perfect for ice cream so it does not melt quickly. To prolong the life span of fruits, you may also wrap the latter with bubble wrap and store it in the refrigerator.

     4. Keep Your Drink Cold or Warm in the car.

Line your car’s cupholder with bubble wrap to keep your drink insulated.

     5. Bubble Wrap Outfit? 

If you are going to a fancy dress party and are looking for some creative costume ideas, a bubble wrap outfit can help you stand out from the crowd!!

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