Renew, Revitalise, Refresh


Renew, Revitalise, Refresh

With rapid expansion underway, packaging expert Syspex Technologies taps on the Business Advisors Programme (BAP) to strengthen and sustain its capacity for growth.

In its early days, Syspex Technologies adopted a gradual growth strategy, expanding its product lines and venturing overseas whenever customers requested support.

In 2010, founder and Managing Director Mr Roger See found himself at a crossroads where he must decide whether the company should continue to grow in small steps or make big leaps ahead.

Mr See laid out a new vision to transform Syspex into a S$100 million company by 2020. His aggressive growth strategy included diversifying the company’s products and services to meet the needs of customers across all industries.

Since 2010, Syspex has been rapidly expanding its business presence both locally and regionally. In 2011, with over 2,000 products from warehousing supplies to material handling systems, Syspex entered the e-commerce market and launched the first warehousing supplies online superstore in South-East Asia.

The 23-year-old company, which started as a small packaging distribution company, has made great strides to become a leading business-to-business packaging and warehousing solutions provider in South-East Asia. By 2014, annual sales revenue had reached S$43 million.
With Great Scale Comes Great Responsibility

With several initiatives rolled out simultaneously, the prevailing organisation structure and human resources management (HR) could no longer adequately support the growing outfit.

“Syspex has eight offices in the region, and since 2010, the group as a whole has seen the number of staff growing from 70 to over 200. Within the last two years, our Singapore office has more than doubled in staff strength,” said Mr Richard Wee, Director of Sales for Syspex Technologies.

Mr Wee explained that the influx of staff and new businesses has exposed the inadequacies of the company’s systems and processes. Confusion was brewing amongst sales and customer service teams as many had overlapping roles and responsibilities. Furthermore, they were inadequately trained to handle the growing range of product lines.
Help From Veteran Advisor

Tasked with overseeing .an organisation restructure, Mr Wee paired with Mr William Fong, a business advisor (BA) under the Business Advisors Programme (BAP). Mr Fong is a veteran in the packaging and warehousing industry who has accumulated over two decades of regional management experience in sales, marketing, and business development at multinational corporations.

From interviews conducted with Mr Wee and all staff, Mr Fong identified various HR gaps in the company. These included a lack of clear job descriptions and performance management system. Furthermore, an imbalanced distribution of roles and responsibilities at the top management was distracting key personnel from addressing strategic issues as they became heavily involved with operational decisions.
Renew, Revitalise, Refresh

A new organisation chart drawn up by Mr Fong saw many operational responsibilities delegated to appropriate department heads and hence allowed the top management to focus on tackling strategic issues.

To kick-start a HR revamp, Mr Fong used his experience in sales management to help define job roles and refresh key performance indicators (KPIs), starting with the sales and marketing teams. To identify, recruit, and develop potential candidates, Mr Fong helped to refine the interview and selection process, as well as to set up training programmes.

Through his vast network, Mr Fong succeeded in introducing two candidates for a new business unit in the company – a manager to head the unit and a procurement and sourcing specialist.

The pair of new hires complemented each other, in experience and knowledge, allowing Syspex to venture into a new market segment and offer products and services for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO).

Earlier this year, the company began making headway in the MRO segment. With this early success, Syspex is expecting a 10% growth in annual sales revenue by the end of 2015.

Although Mr Fong’s tenure with Syspex has completed, the company is confident that they can build on the groundwork he had laid to further restructure the organisation. With the assistance of the BAP, Syspex is now renewed, revitalised, and refreshed to realise its vision for 2020.

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