What Are Bubble Wraps?


What Are Bubble Wraps?

Bubble wrap, AKA bubble paper or bubble pack is a pliable transparent plastic material commonly used when packing fragile items.

Made up of regularly spaced, protruding air-filled bubbles hemispheres, bubble wrap provides cushioning for fragile or sensitive objects. Bubbles of the bubble wrap are generally available in different sizes, depending on the level of cushioning required as well as the size of the object being packed. A single layer might be used just as a surface protective layer while multiple layers can also provide shock and vibration isolation. Some mailers like the YB Mailer incorporates a layer of bubble Wrap material that provides maximum air retention and cushioning power.

Bubble wrap is often made from polyethylene (LDPE) film with a flat side bonded to a shaped side to form air bubbles. Some variations of bubble wrap also have a lower permeation barrier film that provides resistance to loss of air in vacuums as well as longer useful life.

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