Yellowbox.com is your one-stop-shop for packaging, warehousing, safety and industrial supplies… plus more!

Our mission is to sell only the best quality products at competitive prices and ensuring exceptional customer service that will guarantee customer satisfaction!

Yellowbox.com Online Industrial Superstore is a fast, simple and convenient online store where you can purchase your packaging, warehousing, safety and industrial supplies. We take pride in putting our customers’ success first by offering them an efficient and burden-free online shopping experience.

Yellowbox, the online superstore with the offline superpower, Syspex Technologies.

Yellowbox Singapore raised over 3,000 products, receiving tremendous response from professionals and businesses, of all sizes, in all industries. Yellowbox, the only leading Online Industrial Superstore in Asia, is your one-stop shop for packaging, warehousing, safety and industrial supplies.

We have over 25 years of accumulative experience in the packaging industry and industrial distribution lived vicariously through Syspex Technologies, putting us in the best position to price our products competitively and distributing it with maximum efficacy.

In Yellowbox, we not only guarantee absolute quality for all products, but commit to exceeding customer expectations by providing the best service to all our customers.

We serve all business types in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Whether you are from large enterprises, SME’s or new business start-ups, Yellowbox can meet even the most specific needs. Whatever your size and industry, our team of over 200 personnel is here to support you.