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Shop on for Elegant Black Series Hand Trolley!


Mouse on Pizza; Man on Trolley

Shop on for Elegant Black Series Hand Trolley!


Upgraded wheel covers to withstand greater impact!!

When you know you’re guaranteed a hand trolley with quality and durability! 😀

Shop on for Elegant Black Series Hand Trolley!


How-to Carry Your Load With Ease, Literally?

The efficiency and productivity of your workers depends on many factors! One of which is to always use the appropriate equipment for your line of work. So what makes it easy and safe to carry your load around? No more backaches and blood sweat tears; no more days of the coolies carrying rice sacks from place to place.

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Introducing to you, Elegant Black Series Hand Trolley from

Imagine the setting of a warehouse, loading your products from the rackings to the delivery truck, and from the latter to your customers’ warehouse, and from the warehouse to your office, and etc. etc.

Before choosing the equipment you need, you should find out which one is best suited for your industry. With that in mind, here are a few things that will help you better understand the importance of hand trolleys.

How-to improve work conditions?

People are always thinking about ways of improving work, which is how hand trolleys came to be an indispensable item in many warehouses and factories. No matter how you call them: two-wheelers, hand trolley, folding hand truck, sack truck, etc., it’s important to know that they can make a great deal of difference for your line of work.

For example, the Elegant Black Series Hand Trolley makes heavy and bulky items easier to move while also helping prevent back injuries. Not to mention that using one will help save time and improve your operation by making it run more smoothly and, of course, whilst maintaining a safe work environment. A simple trolley can be very dependable because of its speed, durability, adaptability, and excellent ergonomics.

Here are some of the features of the Elegant Black Series Hand Trolley:

  • Super Silent superior series
  • Japan Quality built with functionality
  • Upgraded wheel covers to withstand greater impact (Click here to view video)
  • The Right Height of handle

* 150KG and 300KG Load Capacity available

What’s more, we can guarantee a 100% customer satisfaction level for this product.

“If you never try it, you will never know how perfect it is!”

– Feedback from various hypermarkets, warehouses & home users.

In summary, trolleys are an obvious solution for when you’re trying to maximize safety at work, reduce manual handling efforts, improving employees’ work condition and ultimately, increasing productivity.

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  • Add on a Brake for additional safety

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